We often talk about energy: Everything is energy. In the simplest form of our imagination, it is electricity from the socket as a uniform flow of invisible particles. We are dealing with the subtle world, the world of energies, which is equally invisible to our sensual eye. We try to move from the level of dense matter to the finer subtle realms. But what is the subtle? How can we perceive it when sensual perception has its limits in this very material world?
We have moments of presentiment and vision in which we can look into the inner world with our inner eye and catch a glimpse of a small impression of which a glimmer remains as a memory in everyday life. This memory nourishes the desire to look more, to receive more impressions and to become a conscious part of life in the subtle.
The images presented on this website are for us both individually and in their entirety like a gateway to the subtle world. The pictures make it possible to experience what cannot be put into words by creating a bridge between the sensual and the supersensible. They help us to be in contact with our soul and thus in connection with the subtle world. They give us impressions of the beauty of the subtle and insights into how everything is interwoven. When we engage with them, they offer us access to the beings and principles of which they are an expression. They give us a small impression of how incredibly diverse life is on the finer levels, not just an undifferentiated mass of energy or light.
They have a twofold effect: on the one hand they act like windows that offer us an entrance into the higher realms of existence, on the other hand they radiate into the room in which they hang and have an invigorating and harmonizing effect on its atmosphere.